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YourEncore Insights Greatest Hits of 2015

Posted by Jim Combs on 1/15/16 11:07 AM

Billboard recently released its “Hot 100 Songs of 2015,” and it inspired me to think about YourEncore Insights' list of greatest hits. For those playing along at home, “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson and  featuring Bruno Mars won top honors from Billboard.

While Bruno Mars is not a part of the YourEncore expert network, we are humbled to have our own rock stars as 2015 YourEncore Insights contributors, who include:

  • Former FDA Associate Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners
  • Presidents of the US Pharmacopeial, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, and Critical Path Institute
  • VPs of Development, Regulatory Affairs, Global Patient Safety, and Medical Affairs for large pharma companies
  • Founding President and CEO of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
Even though we just formed this band in August, we’ve been on tour, developed a following, and produced some interesting work.  To quote Bruno, “Don’t believe me, just watch (or read on) - Hay!”

Here are our most popular Insights of 2015:

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Video: Get to Know YourEncore

Posted by jim.merritt on 7/23/15 11:44 AM

At YourEncore, we believe that experience matters. Learn what makes YourEncore different and how we are collaborating with organizations to bring products to market that help individuals live happier, healthier and safer lives.

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The Pharm-er's Almanac - 10 Pharma Trends to Navigate Now

Posted by lindsay.noell on 7/7/15 2:16 PM

The Pharm-er's Almanac - 10 Pharma Trends to Navigate Now

The “Pharm” Life—life in the pharmaceutical industry—is where change is constant, innovation is breakneck, and the stakes are high. Come with us as we pull back the barn doors and let you peek inside the trends driving the biopharma industry today.

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Rethink Retirement with Harry Coleman

Posted by lindsay.noell on 5/21/15 2:29 PM

The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Retiree Next Door

Traditional retirement planning does not work for most of us. It focuses too much on things we cannot control like the investment markets and the economy. It presents us with two crappy options: settle for less now so that we can save more, or plan to settle for less later.

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