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No Surprises: Improving Medical Devices Due Diligence (Ep. 9 on The Pharmcast)

Posted by Jim Combs on 1/25/17 12:00 PM


This week on The Pharmcast, we discuss areas often overlooked in due diligence efforts that can lead to expensive or even show-stopper surprises once the acquisition is complete and later development and commercial efforts are underway, with two former Johnson & Johnson medical devices executives, Donna Godward and Dr. Janet Vargo.  Understanding what to look for (or present) during due diligence will reduce risks and lead to a better evaluation for the transaction.

Acquiring and selling innovative medical devices or diagnostics is standard business for small and large device companies – but doing it well is not standard business. 

Novel medical products offer the possibility of true breakthroughs in medical care but also come with the risks of developing, manufacturing, and commercializing a one-of-a-kind product where quality, regulatory, clinical and commercial pathways are yet to be paved. 

While licensing new technology and acquiring new businesses are standard business in the industry, many acquisitions do not live up to the anticipated value proposition.  Improving the due diligence efforts within a company, large or small, can provide better understanding of the value and the ultimate success of the acquisition


About Donna Godward:  Donna Godward is a Strategic Advisor to YourEncore and a member of the Medical Devices Practice.  Prior to assuming her current role in 2016, Donna Godward served as Chief Quality Officer, Medical Devices & Diagnostics (MD&D), for Johnson & Johnson.  Donna has extensive experience in due diligence in licensing and acquisitions. 

About Janet Vargo, Ph.D.:  Dr. Vargo is a Strategic Advisor to YourEncore and a member of the Medical Devices Practice.  Prior to joining YourEncore, Dr. Vargo served as Board Member and Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for Mentor, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company, and she advised on clinical trial design, device and biologics safety analyses, due diligence efforts, and regulatory strategy for new-to-the-world products for the entire Johnson & Johnson Medical Device and Diagnostic sector. 

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