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Expert Profile: Tom Trautman

Posted by YourEncore on 1/28/16 8:48 PM

“I am proud our team led the way in making food safe for allergic consumers,” said YourEncore expert and food toxicologist Tom Trautman.

When the food allergy issue took off in the mid-90s, Trautman, a board-certified toxicologist, had a lot to do. He was part of the award-winning General Mills team that developed the "Contains" statement for top food allergens. That and the simple language requirement for allergens disclosed any hidden items for consumers with food allergies. These features were adopted by other food companies and became part of the 2006 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act.

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YourEncore Packaging Expert Brad Trucksis

Posted by YourEncore on 1/25/16 9:00 AM

Think Outside The Box! 

“Packaging can be a powerful tool to enhance the consumer experience and raise the perceived value of a product,” says YourEncore expert Brad Trucksis. “Too often companies view packaging as just a container and miss the opportunities to add value to what’s inside.”

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IP: 5 Steps to Protecting Your Competitive Advantage

Posted by YourEncore on 1/4/16 8:30 AM

The single most important value an R&D organization contributes to a company is its know-how – the source of the company’s competitive advantage. An effective Intellectual Property (IP) process that manages the organization’s know-how and is integrated into the innovation process is essential for success. A disciplined IP program offers several benefits, including:

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innoG: Masters in the Craft of Innovation

Posted by Jim Combs on 12/9/15 1:30 PM

“Developing a bold new product often takes more than a linear process, white board and pot of coffee,” says Andy Wong, product development guru and member of innoG. “It takes a creative team with diverse backgrounds, lots of experience, and a keen sense of the consumer.”

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