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Win the Innovation Game through Strategic Base Hits

Posted by Frederick Joffe, Ph.D. on 8/23/17 9:00 AM

Innovation is the name of the game for company growth. As my YourEncore colleagues Shekar Mitra and George Deckner have recently written, it’s also a game that is increasing complex and challenging to win. They’ve discussed new approaches, bringing the outside in, and how to get the best out of innovation teams. These are all great strategies for changing the playing field. In addition, during my 37 years leading new product development for Procter & Gamble, I’ve found that there is one page in the innovation playbook that is often overlooked: delivering a steady series of strategic base hits versus a singular focus on periodic, high-risk grand slams. With this approach, companies can put runs on the board that cumulatively lead to more profitable growth, ultimately allowing them to win big in the innovation game.

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Topics: Innovation, Gig Economy